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please continue looking into the device by ThirdFloorChord
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Improvising Shark by ThirdFloorChord
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FACT: The sucker-like organ on the back of a Remora is actually a modified dorsal fin. FACT: Remora prefer sticking to areas that cause the least drag to the host. FACT: Remora who do not currently poses a suitable host are capable of modifying nearby organisms (and occasionally inanimate objects) into one.
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If you still can.
RAV-IN by ThirdFloorChord
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Congratulations linker2 (! You were NOT in the control group! Unfortunately, current experimental samples of experimental drug RAV-IN turn test subjects into a CROW and NOT a raven (as intended). An asset recovery specialist will be along shortly to escort you to our nearest facility, so we can figure out why exactly that happened. We apologize for the inconvenience. Do not make us get out the nets.
NOCTURN-OL by ThirdFloorChord
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On the packaging it says it's supposed to take 15 minutes - but at minute 9, things appear to be ahead of schedule if anything! On the back, it also says - SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: 1. Permanent Hair Loss 2. Insomnia 3. Hoot 4. Pellet (?) 5. Intense craving for mouse 6. Egg (???) WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT GIVE TO PETS. MAKE SURE SMALL PETS ARE IN A SECURE LOCATION BEFORE INGESTING. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM DOSAGE PROCEDURE PRESCRIBED ON LABEL. DO NOT TAKE WITH F...