Rainbowdash VS Swifthearth by tfancred

Rainbowdash VS Swifthearth by

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Ok, story time!

I might be weird, but I alway thought that Rainbow Dash and Swift Heart Rabbit was kind of similar character : both are light blue, both are very fast. Now, I know that I'm not the only one. Take a look at Wilson and Richard here. They both were sure that those two charactere were soo similar that it was impossible to know wich one of them would win a race.

Happily for them, there is a little shop nearby where people can buy a single use spell. So they used it to turn into their favorite characters and see wich one was the fastest! They just forgot to read the manual before drinking the potion. The looser will be permanantly turned into his character and will even start acting like her and using her names. Rich... I mean Swift Heart Rabbit was sadly a bit slower. I hope she'll enjoy her new situation!


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Shouldn't there be a "male to female" tag?


Well, with the story yes, but the tg process is not shown in the picture!


Ok, thanks for the clarification. :)


i see something wrong with that hoof.^^"


actually not. lol (my mistake^^" also if it does a bit :o)


Nice work, I really like the idea.




I think it's a good idea and has a lot of potential in many cases.


Will there be a sequel not the same 2 but different characters?


The title is mispelled