Patreon Sneak Peak - Monkey TF by tfancred

Patreon Sneak Peak - Monkey TF by

Date: 10/22/2017 Views: 12604 Favorites: 43 Comments: 7

Forced Transformation
Prehensile Feet

A new Patreon Sneak-Peak! To see more of my newest stuff, fell free to becone my Patron by visiting my patreon :

For as low as two bucks per month, you’ll get two pics like this per weeks and, with only three extra dollars, you’ll access to all my newest sequences including my infamous Sequence Friday : every week, Îll post one image to a continuing sequence! Don’t miss it!

Nataly have alway been kind of a bitch. So, when she've been rude with one of her friend who had a crush on her, she had no idea what would happen to her. Actually, I guest she didn't know that her friend's sister was a wich! Now, here she is, enjoying the latest planet of the apes unaware of the changes taking place in her body!


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Not sure if Transfur is a place to be advertising another website, especially of the "give me money to see more!" Sites like Patreon. You won't get many new followers (who either can't pay or don't like Patreon).


Well, if you prefer, I could simply stop giving freebies... If you don't want to pay, good, you'll still have my free stuff. For instance, I did asked permission to do it before posting...


Excuse me if it could sound rude, but think about it : every image I post take me at least 2 hours of work. It is a lot of time and, I don't know if you know it, but behind any artist, there is a human being who do need to eat, pay his appartment and all the other stuff. I barely get 80 bucks from this per month and there is alway around ten person per month who simply pirate my patreon to get my stuff for free... Even if this specific artistic activity is not my only income I am a preofessionnal artist and, sorry to learn it to you, I do art to pay my bills! It sounds probably very cool for every one, but let's take a look. I make around 12 pics per months (on this patreon). Each one takes me around 3 hours to make. (Some images takes less,but generally it takes around tree hours and I rarely take less than two hours per pic). It means that, only for THIS patreon, it takes me around 36 hours/monts and it gives me only 80 bucks per months. It means I get paid around 2,25/hours


. I'll let you calculate how many hours (and extra patreons) I have to make to only pay my appartment... For info, at this rate, I would work around 90 hours / week just to get a bit less than 1000$ per month... And you basically said me I should be ashamed to post free stuff here... So yes, I got a bit angry by your comment and I'm sincerly sory. But I think I explained why I got a bit annoyed by your comment. Sorry again


Chill buddy


Looks nice :3