B for Beaver - Patreon image - Crossed eyes version by tfancred

B for Beaver - Patreon image - Crossed eyes version by

Date: 7/21/2017 Views: 8066 Favorites: 21 Comments: 4

Cursed Location
Forced Transformation
Webbed Feet

Just to proove you that I don't forget you even if I'm on Patreon, here is the complete version of my beever TF. I thought some people would be happy to see it! If you have time, I would really appreciate comments on this one! ;-)

Why is there two images on this? Well, if you cross your eyes, you'll be able to see the image in 3D! ;-)

Ah! Lunch time! Tania had just enought time to pass by the pool! The only problem is that she must not be late for work! Particulary since her boss started practicing magic as a hobby! Anyway! She's still working at the same place! You can now see her full time in the beavers' pool in the Montreal's Biodome if you pass by!


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That's some very impressive work! I don't know many artists who can pull off 3D images at all, much less this well. Usually there's something that seems off, but everything in this image - the shoes, the water, even the folds of her dress - looks perfect! (And, of course, the original image itself is still adorable.)

If you don't mind my asking, how did you create the effect? Was everything painted on separate layers and shifted piece-by-piece, or did you use some kind of distortion to alter the image after the fact?


Actually it is a bit more complexe.

First, I paint the original image (In this case it is the one on the right).

After, I import it in Blender (A 3D software) and I use it to roto-model the different elements. I try to keep it as simple as possible : a cube for the stones, a plane for the water et, for some more organic elements, I make a bit more of modeling. The shoes are an example. I also pass a bit more time on the modeling of the character but it is still just a dummy and the scene in 3D is far from being an accurate representation of the original drawing. The most important here is that it matches the position of the original element and has basically the same shape.

After this, I go back in Photoshop, I separate my different layers and I export them in PNG.

I go back in Blender and use a technic named Camera Projection to project the different layers on the 3D shapes and generate the second image. Then, I render the whole thing...

Does it answer you?


Holy Snap! I never thought that would be possible. Good job on the 3D possibility and on the piece


Thanks! ^-^'