B for Beaver - Patreon image by tfancred

B for Beaver - Patreon image by

Date: 7/21/2017 Views: 6217 Favorites: 24 Comments: 2

Forced Transformation

Just to proove you that I don't forget you even if I'm on Patreon, here is the complete version of my beever TF. I thought some people would be happy to see it! If you have time, I would really appreciate comments on this one! ;-)

Ah! Lunch time! Tania had just enought time to pass by the pool! The only problem is that she must not be late for work! Particulary since her boss started practicing magic as a hobby! Anyway! She's still working at the same place! You can now see her full time in the beavers' pool in the Montreal's Biodome if you pass by!


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Is this 3D...?


Well, it depends of what you means by "3D". If you whant to know if it will be in relief when looking throught red and blue glasses, yes it will be! On the technic part, it is a 3D image projected on a low res geometry to generate a stereoscopic picture! ;-)