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What you Eat by Proxer
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For Avalondragon I'll be posting comics and goodies, funded by YOU, here every week. If you want to support these comics AND see pages a week early, AND get more exclusive art goodies, please take a look at page! See you there!
Imuya W Cow by Proxer
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Rubber Pod by Proxer
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And to think Blackwell agreed to this.
gemsbok TF thingioe line by Proxer
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this fellow is getting the waterhole's finest tick cleaning by the local birds
seneca commish SML by Proxer
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Three's a crowd. Or is it a flock? Either way, Rio doesn't seem to mind them, though. In fact, he's rather partial to making them. The line art for a colour commission for seneca.
Owl TF line by Proxer
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"S-s-sorry..." Watch how loud you are in the library.
Man to Skunk TF colour by Proxer
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"Urk!!!" Yeah, those tails growing in is usually a bit of a shocker.
Heron TF thinger line by Proxer
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He'll go on to publish the book "Fishing in one easy step."