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Subject To Change: Turtle Fan by PickleJuice
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Here's another chapter in the "Subject To Change" saga. He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!"And here’s the end of “Turtle Fan” as I originally presented it in my webcomic Subject To Change! He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!" (Yes, I know they're displaying out of order, but fixing it would involve downloading, renaming, and reuploading all 28. When you save them they should dispaly in order on your comptuer) For new subject to change, visit my webs...
Kittysoftchange by PickleJuice
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Forced to put on the magical boots, our hapless victim transgenders and transforms into an anthro kitty with soft paws I stream at furstre.am as picklejuice! Come check me out! I'm there off and on throughout the day, thursday, friday, sunday, and random other times! :D https://furstre.am/stream/picklejuice
Doge-coined by PickleJuice
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A friend is trying out dog-coin, and so I start pointing at him. His QR code for his dogecoin wallet appears behind him as he transforms into the doge. Into the doge-coin. Penciled from the images of the original doge coin rescue animal in Japan. Warning: the qr code is a real doge coin wallet, apparently, set up by my friend for me. I don't think it's real. Prove me wrong and email me after donating a couple pennies to it! Code: D5Pd36ecXWXzKhXxqciUA14zp2scaTwbPs
TFM 00 Waggs the Mad Scientist cover art by PickleJuice
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This is the full COVER ART I did for TF Magazine Zero: Waggs the Mad Scientist. In honor of the fact that my website is working again, I'm offering a special edition high DPI version of TFM00 plus a free sketch to the first 10 customers. http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/01/30/tfm-00-waggs-sketch/ The offer also includes an Art Haiku version of the comic. All you have to do is print off the .gif and follow these instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5oD8EyZHOU Things ar...
Dragon Laptop by PickleJuice
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It started with a power cord tail snaking out of his lower spine. He plugged it in and began growing green dragon wings. Happy with this new change, he stayed plugged in as his arms and feet grew claws. His tail even started changing into a real dragon's tail. But then his face pushed out in very strange ways. Yup. He's now a half laptop, half dragon, half human. Done in a half hour livestream, paid for with bitcoins (see my anonymous bitcoin streaming offer: http://www.furaffinity.net/...
Werdna-Kitsuning by PickleJuice
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Werdna always loved the forest, but he never knew why until his deep connection to the supernatural nature began to change him back into his true form. He was actually never human. He was an ancient kitsune who had chosen to take human form on a whim but then forgot...
Legend Parody Poster Picklejuice by PickleJuice
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No Human without Inhuman. No Pride without Shame. No Innocence without Want. I am Transformation. PICKLEJUICE And I'll be at Midwest Furfest this year. Surprise!
Werdna-Dragoning by PickleJuice
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Werdna and Liz discovered dragon DNA together. They researched it together. They found out how to combine the DNA with human... together. Now, they're both dragons and couldn't be happier. Together. For more deluxe art, check out http://www.picklejuice13.com/index.php/Comics/dls/
Walt Zelle 5 color image by PickleJuice
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4 B&W comic inks leading up to this full color image here: http://www.transfur.com/Users/PickleJuice/Submissions/15760 Adult version at picklejuice13.com You get the air pump you are going to use to change yourself into a living gazelle doll. You open the box. You put the hose on your bellybutton and set the air pump for slow so you can enjoy your tf. pfffffff..... it's on, and it's humming along, pushing air at you through the hose. You press the hose to your belly and it goes "ffft" a...
Werdna Phoenix by PickleJuice
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Werdna got transformed into a phoenix. Who knew? I'm open for commissions and private livestreams! Email me at picklejuice_13 in the location of that yahoo.com mail servicester.