Pokemon Reality Rip by Mxmaramoose

Pokemon Reality Rip by

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Gender Change - Female to Male

Sometimes... you really just want to get back to your childhood. what would you do if you suddenly found yourself 10 yrs old again and on the Pokémon journey you always dreamed about?

Second Pic:

just wanted to do a small continuation of my Pokemon Reality Rip pic!

I figure that if I got to be a 10 year old again and a Pokémon trainer to boot Id be a feral gremlin child.

After all I no longer have a bunch of adult responsibilities to deal with! so why not become a wild child

who camps out in pokecenters and battles for food money. Id spend the day mostly out in the forest chilling with my critters ^^


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Are you a boy or a girl?


"Look its complicated! I was a girl until.... about ten seconds ago."



Non binary people when this pops up in a poikemon game: O_O


In the 90s, rather than "get wrekt", you would have said something more along the lines of "owned", and "w00t".


Didn't we also say "That's gay" if we lost or something?


guess it varied by locale, I was a 90's baby and "get wrekt" was pretty common on my playground growing up ^^


This attitude really suits a scrappy ten year old with a haunter XD