Falling into a new ( Firbolg) Life by Mxmaramoose

Falling into a new ( Firbolg) Life by

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Repost of an old thread from my twitter:

Okay so I'm gonna blame CrownJulesTFs for this because They got me thinking about Firbolg Tfs but here goes (Firbolg Tf thread)

" Imagine stumbling through a portal in the woods.. you're minding your own business when a root trips you up and now your falling..

"You're falling and tumbling for too long and surely the ground wasn't this far bellow you? But finally you land with a thump in a hay field...dazed you realize that that's not right.. you were no where near farm land!

But you don't get long to ponder your new surroundings as a shudder runs through you. You roll over as another involuntary spasm shakes your core. On your hands and knees you attempt to stand but yet another wave forces you back down.

As you sit there breath still shuddering from the fall you notice that your hand looks off. Splotchy greyish patches dot the back and travel up your arms like hives. you stare in awe for a moment before another spasm- more painful than the last rips through you

Grimacing against the pain you suddenly realize just how tight all your clothes are. seams and collars dig into your skin and as your body continues its violent shaking you hear fabric ripping. Your pain addled brain slowly puts together that you are growing..

After that things happen fast and blur together. You feel yourself burst from your clothes. Your fingers dig into soil. Grey coloration stains your skin like thunder clouds. Small muscles that you didn't even know you had twinge as you can feel your face change and ears lengthen.

In the end all the stimuli just becomes too much for you and your brain hits the "take a rest" button. You pass out and awaken a few hours latter to a angry farmer in your face shouting in a language you don't understand.

He looks strangely small until you see a nearby shovel and realize that its you that have changed scale. A young woman(farmers daughter?) Comes running your way with a large grey man in tow. When the farmer sees him his rant is directed away from you and toward the new comer.

While your still getting your bearings the farmer and the Grey man argue. Grey man's features are inhuman with long pointed ears and a broad cow like nose. He seems concerned though and protective. you brush some loose hair from your face and find similar long ears on your head

Eventually though the argument quiets down. Grey man hands you a blanket and offers you a hand up. You take both and get unsteadily to your feet. You feel a bit dizzy as you realize just how tall you are now with the two humans just barely coming to your waist.

Grey man puts a hand around your shoulder to steady you and begins leading you away. While you still cant understand him he's talking calmly and comfortingly and so you decide to stick with him and see where this all goes... ( end thread)