Lu Shapeshift to Chomer (9/22/20) by Kristintree

Lu Shapeshift to Chomer (9/22/20) by

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I’ve always had a fascination with shapeshifters but this artwork was actually my first real attempt at a “start to finish” sequence.

Lu is an oc of mine and the creature is also one of my own design! It’s a sort of bear, beaver, lion... thing -perfectly adapted for snowy environments!


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If Lu dresses in white, presumably the creature gets the benefit of Arctic camouflage.. but I get the sense that Lu isn't particularly interested in hiding such magnificence.


That is essesntially how it works! The raiment (clothes) effect what the creature form looks like. But because the magic being used is influenced by the shapeshifter's impression of themselves it sometimes doesn't work if it would make thier animal form look too different from what they are used to.

(Those are the canon rules anyways, sometimes I follow them in drawings like this and sometimes I don't XD thank you for the comment!)