Dragon Inflation by Hukeng

Dragon Inflation by

Date: 6/2/2016 Views: 13107 Favorites: 63 Comments: 1


Commission for yowza, who also wrote the narration to go with it.

If there is one thing young and aspiring wizards, mages, sorcerers and witches have in common - well, aside from their often hotheaded, arrogant or clueless demeanor - then it must be their ravenous thirst for knowledge.

A near careless abandon to discover, experiment and hoard whatever tidbits of magic their newfound powers and knowledge allows them to understand.

Like wide-eyed children seeing the world for the first time, so full and sure of themselves, boasting of what great deeds they will acompllish before they have barely done more than take the first step.

It is therefore no surprise that a large part of the initial years are not spent pouring through books and discovering wonders beyond ones wildest imagination as they first thought - but spent cleaning up and dealing with the fallout of their reckless research...

... yes, even the cute ones.


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Do note that they didn't say "killing."

Just "dealing with"...