Beaver Fever by Hukeng

Beaver Fever by

Date: 8/29/2015 Views: 6507 Favorites: 53 Comments: 1


"When everyone who had taken a swim at the lake started developing an inexplicable appetite for wood, the executives of the nearby chemical waste disposal plant quickly issued a disclaimer blaming the phenomenon on an obscure new dieting fad from overseas. However, once the local creeks and canals started to get obstructed by makeshift dams of unknown origin, further investigation by one grumpy old sheriff and a quirky reporter from the big city revealed the shocking truth..."

Another random inbetween sketch that I liked enough to colour. Initially, I wanted to shade it, as well, but then I decided against it, to make the details pop out a little more, and also because I am a lazy^^.


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Cute, eh?