Crunchy Crystals by Hukeng

Crunchy Crystals by

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"Energy crystal harvester in the damp, cold and giant spider infested caves of the northern massifs is a ludicrously ungrateful job, but at least there were days like those – when a lucky strike of one´s trusty pickaxe managed to unearth a small lode of faintly glowing, blue gems of the highest purity, valuable enough to put warm meals on the table for a week.

So she thought, while filling her pockets with the large, sparkling shards that she would without doubt be able to sell off to some crazy wizard planning to give his spells a little more punch.

It was then that she noticed something strange about the stones – had they always looked so… tasty? Following an odd impulse, she tentatively licked the glowing gem with the tip of her tongue. It was surprisingly sweet. And spicy. Also, a little sour. But definitely, absolutely, undoubtably delicious!

Before she knew what was happening to her, she had already gobbled her entire pickings of the day – paying no attention to the fact that she seemed to be able to chew them just like lumps of sugar, despite their hardness usually rivaling that of diamonds.

The bluish, glowing stones that were slowly starting to grow all over her skin should have been a source of major concern, but right now, her mind was focused on much more important things: Delicious, tasty blue crystals…

Stone trolls are mysterious creatures, and reliable research data on them is rare to find. Most scolars agree on the fact that they seem to be symbiotic lifeforms consisting of mineral growths – wich also constitute the basis of their diet – and organic components that have yet to be properly described. The role of magic in the metabolism of these fascinating beings is still source of much controversy amongst creaturologists, wizards and alchemists alike."


Coloured sequence. May or may not be doing more of those in the future.

Also, using a cold palette for diversion.


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this is super cool