Riddle Lover by Hukeng

Riddle Lover by

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"Okay, let´s see if you can guess this one: An ageless titan clad in green robes, with a shock of white hair on his head. Who could that be?"

You scratch your head in fake reflectiveness, while she gives you a playful, quizzical expression.

"A... mountain, perhaps?"

Good thing you already knew that one.

"Wow, you are good!" She replies with a strangely... feline looking smile, while soft, short fur is starting to sprout all over her skin.

"Wait, I´ve got another one: Who will never leave your side in any but the darkest night, and then still be all around you?"

Ouch, that´s a new one.

While frantically seeking for a good answer, you can´t but notice her hands and feet bulging and stretching out into large leonine paws. Well, at least now you know why she was wearing those sandals...

"A... shadow?" You utter tentatively.

"Great!" She giggles. A long tail with a fluffy tip appears behind her back, as a pair of tiny wings push out of her shoulders.

"This is so much fun! Now, the next one is kind of a classic: What creature walks on four legs in the morning, on two at midday and on three in the evening?"

Wait, haven´t you heard this one somewhere already? As you try to recall the answer, you can´t but notice the young sphynx tilting her head to the side and giving you another one of those cute cat smiles.

No, she definitely isn´t just some ordinary girl...


More greek mythology and more orange.


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Better not answer that last one: it'll kill her.... 7@=Q