Slime Time by Hukeng

Slime Time by

Date: 8/10/2015 Views: 9507 Favorites: 74 Comments: 4

"Even professional slime breeders tend to underestimate the clinginess of their gooey cuties - with sometimes unexpected, but always colorful results."

"Red lavaslimes are infamous for their unpredictable temper, and breeders should definitely take all possible precautions when handling these aggressive little goos..."

"Certain green slimes exhibit a peculiar tendency to imitate sounds and are even capable of learning simple melodies. Breeders call these peaceful, friendly and affectionate goos whistlers, chirpers or songslimes."


From time to time, I quite enjoy some of the effects digital color is capable of.

Also, for some reason, I can´t but think that those blue bloblets must make extremely cute noises...

This one is old - it was one of my first attempts at digital colour in ages. I still like it, though.

Edit: I spontaneously decided to add the other two images of this short series, as well.


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hehe This one's so cute!


Adorable ^-^


i wouldn't mind being slime


D'awww. I want to breed slimes now! *wonders about purple and yellow slimes…*