Night-time Hypnowlsis by Garig1510

Night-time Hypnowlsis by

Date: 4/3/2020 Views: 5432 Favorites: 32 Comments: 1

Forced Transformation

An Owl TF, yay! :D It would seem there is something rather... hypnotizing out there! Could be the moon, could be something else in the dark, but it sure is making this fellow more suitable for their night-time environment!

And this was a commission for a client over on FA! Thank you very much again for the commission, I never drew an Owl TF before, and this was a lovely project, very fun to work on! :D

Really cool colours on the OC too, actually! A pleasant blend of dark-ish blues and whites, they were very nice to work with! :)

Gonna take a couple days break from comms for now, haha! Perhaps do a regular bird piece before opening up again!

And as always, any feedback or constructive criticism would be most welcome! Always looking to improve my art skills!


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I find myself wondering if the happiness is from the hypnotism or if they actually like it anyway? Hehe