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Neopawleton by frankenJade
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A patreon request. I haven't watched RWBY in forever so I don't even know if people still care about this character, but I always thought they were neat. If you're moving a highly unstable new form of dust, try not to sneeze. It might have unexpected results.
Silvia's Art meme curse by frankenJade
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I hope this kind of post-tf content is ok? Silvia was having a normal day until a witch turned her into a raccoon and forced her to do art memes for the internet
Live well, gazelle by frankenJade
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A patreon commission. She wanted to be able to run and jump like the gazelles, and now she can! If you like what I do, you can support me at
Vap'd by frankenJade
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A Fun patreon commission from (@)mlexi_UwU on twitter If you'd like one of your own, you can support me at or check out this page:
Secret Boon? by frankenJade
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A patreon commission, You gotta be careful with some of those boons, they can really mess up your build if you choose poorly...
Fancy Feast by frankenJade
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Don't worry, some of that canned stuff is better than the microwave meals I ate in college
Fur Coat by frankenJade
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Who needs to shop for clothes when you can use magic to grow your own stylish and sexy fur coat. Be careful not to keep it on too long though, or you might end up becoming a bit too attached... If you like what I do, you can support me at If you want a commission, check out this page:
Stress cat by frankenJade
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Mary has trouble controlling her magic when she's stressed, so it came as little surprise when she accidentally transmogrified herself while studying for finals. She was NOT expecting to suddenly go into heat right before her big exam, however. That's going to be pretty distracting.
Hey! by frankenJade
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"So it turns out I'm part kitsune on my mom's side. The first time I changed was pretty scary, I'm still trying to learn how to control it. It's going to take some getting used to, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't kinda like the tail." If you like what I do and want to support me check out my Patreon at
Belittled by frankenJade
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A haughty young woman talked down to the wrong witch, now she's really been taken down to size! Oh well, now she can begin climbing the social hierarchy of the local mice. They're always looking for new females to join their ranks.