Dante's Divergent Delegation (Scrapped Sequence From 2017) by Adaru32

Dante's Divergent Delegation (Scrapped Sequence From 2017) by

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Devil May Cry
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As the title states, this is a scrapped sequence I had ideas for from back in 2017. It wasn't till 2020 that I've decided to share the finished images from it.

So these images were intended to be used in this weird self-insert Devil May Cry comic fic of mine (I was having a fan girl moment back then when Marvel vs CapCom Infinite became a thing), where Dante would have this escort mission that he's not in the mood of, and not too fond of doing. Reason for this mission is to protect me from those who are after my blood (That includes demons, which is what made him give in to take this mission).

Blunt info was given about his mission (At the same time he didn't really care, and just decided to rush ahead on things to get it all done and over with). So he doesn't find out why people and demons would be after my blood till I change right in front of him in the middle of the mission.

I have no intentions of finishing this sequence. Looking back, I consider this idea strange now, considering that it involves self-insert and my werewolf form I usually give to myself.

If this sequence was completed, there would've been 18 more images. I had 6 more line work images that I could've shown off, but I only wanted to show off the images I completely finished, which were these ones, and this one - https://www.deviantart.com/dantevergilloverar/art/Unsure-Use-Dante-s-Divergent-Delegation-829800591

Drawn on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.

Coloured on Sai with the tablet and a mouse.

Dante from Devil May Cry belongs to CapCom and Hideki Kamiya.


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