A Ruff Day by Zilepo

A Ruff Day by

Date: 11/29/2022 Views: 3054 Favorites: 18 Comments: 2


The heat had been absolutely unbearable all day. Alex had been sweating in his apartment profusely, the air conditioning broken down, and he'd already taken off his shirt to try and make things a little easier. But there had been something a bit off in the water he'd taken a swig of from the fountain at the dog park. He'd been getting hotter all day, not noticing the swelling in his chest and the shifting of his feet. It was only when he had a full blown muzzle that he realized something was definitely off... he was in for a ruff day alright

(Starting to upload some older images in an attempt to catch up to my current stuff on here! :) )


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Such a good dog!! 😍😜


I've seen this on furaffinty before

Looks awesome