Latex Skin Mermaid by Yapi

Latex Skin Mermaid by

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Liquid Latex

Another mermaid commissioned by Phil Velasquez.

This is his friend Jenn as a mermaid from the following story he provided that I will copy-paste for you enjoyment :

"The story happens in the future. The sea water is raising at an alarming rate because of global warming! Scientists have decided to turn the human population into water breathing beings. Their chief scientist Jenn decides to experiment on herself by stealing the latex nano suit and heads out to the ocean one early day.

She strips off all her clothing and puts the suit on, which fits like a second skin, and walks into the sea.

Jenn dives in and almost immediately the suit is breathing for her! She enjoys herself for a few hours but then there are changes and she can feel them. Jenn tries to take off the suit but it won't come off! Her legs elongate into a very long mermaid tail, ears and hands become very fin-like. And one big side-effect are the gills on the side of her ribs!

Another side-effect of wearing the suit, small patches of fish scales growing on the latex! In due time the entire latex will be covered in scales, making her a true mermaid!

Afraid of being caught and studied Jenn keeps away from ships and people. Feeling lonely she decides to sing and surprises herself by the very beautiful voice she has, another side effect of latex suit! After many years she has forgotten that she was once human, Jenn has conviced herself that she was always a mermaid! And now she sings her lonely siren song to those that will listen..."


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Ah, Mr. Velasquez. I see his name mentioned in probably more commissions than any single TF enthusiast/patron. Normally he seems to favor aquatic transformations above all else, so this is particularly interesting. It's very impressive art in all respects.


noice. like the story


Wow! You haven't posted anything around here for years, and it's amazing to see how much your art has improved!


great creation <3


Stunning! It's such a shame you're not a TF fan - you draw beautiful work. =3


Awesome job!! I think this would make a rocking sequence.