Embracing Tao by Wrathofautumn

Embracing Tao by

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By combining the five symbols of Tao and with his special medallion, this person can restore his crippled leg...for a price, of course. Heheh. By the way, I know that those characters aren't exactly chinese characters but Kanji, but Kanji is based off from the chinese language, originally.


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Interesting :D


If that is a payment..... where do I sign?


Actually, those ARE Chinese characters.


Kanji, or 漢字,are Chinese characters. 金 (jin) gold, 水 (shui) water, 土 (tu) earth, 木 (mu) wood and 火 (huo) fire. 道 (dao, or Tao) is my middle name ;)


You're actually certain that that last character was gold? I was pretty sure when I drew it, it was pronounced metal. Well, thanks for clarifying trhat for me, though I do feel like a bit of an idiot. *blushes*


Plaguewolf: Actually, he's supposed to be changing to a kangaroo. :P


If he can't find his medallion, does he get a Tao jones? 7@=Q


Neat concept. Usually a TF event is portrayed either as a random pointless event, some kind of punishment (the horror!), or someone seeking it out for no real reason. Getting restored to health as a side effect of a TF is a neat, positive, and rarely-seen idea. I'd like to see more with that concept, like a person overjoyed at leaping out of a wheelchair or hospital bed. Uh... and about this piece specifically, the pose is unusual and neat, with nice use of the fancy "speed lines".


Jin can be both metal and gold. Hurray for characters having multiple meanings and pronunciations!


AHA! Warriors of virtue! :3 Lovin the pic