EOOL Ropez by Wrathofautumn

EOOL Ropez by

Date: 12/31/2007 Views: 6602 Favorites: 14 Comments: 2


This takes place late in mid-twentieth century...when african nations were only beginning to gain their independence from europe. A family of villagers made a pact with a mysterious, armor-clad sorceror to make their crops prosper enough for them to survive a deadly drought. It was done as promised...but in the end, the debt could not be pulled. The sorceror decided to punish them by first changing their daughter into a feral lion and then her parents into antelopes to be slaughtered...but he was interrupted by a band of Kannist Guardians. And Ropez soon found herself somewhat alone...


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Is this a backstory about one of your comic characters?


awwww that's so sad! I wish I could help her get back to her old self.