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Following the original procedure, Forrest is looking at his new cheetah body. Based on the story here(http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6564053)

Forrest "Gump" Hanks grew up in a lower-middle class family and contracted polio at a young age. His chances for survival were slim, and the damage to his spinal cord nearly left him permanently crippled. Through exercise of his legs and by sheer force of will, however, Forrest was eventually able to repair the damage to his body and became a healthy, athletic human being.

Still, he was not satisfied with the life he had. Inspired by the alien encounter, he enlisted as a volunteer for the Platform City Defense Force. Out of sixty people, he was one of thirteen selected for the Chimera Project. He has since then dashed across his stationed seaship as a cheetah chimera.

Forrest dislikes humanity. To him, it was because of humanity that the world was as it is now. He joined the Chimera Project not only to better his own life, but to distance himself from a race of incompetent fools as much as possible. He does not wish to see them destroyed however. To dislike is one thing, to let them be wiped out is another. For the sake of their survival, he will fight to protect humanity and establish a relationship between humans and chimeras alike.


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Wasnt forest mentally challenged... Why would he be selected... Makes no sense lol " hey lets take this unstable guy and turn him into a freakin anthro cheetah!" I wouldnt. Not to be a hater but i really dont think this is very great. :-/


I think it's a function of someone associating running with Forrest Gump and being remarkably uncreative with regard for naming characters that run :P


i like the drawing, but i love the story :3


I was going to say something about Forrest here being a by-the-numbers thoroughly unlikeable prat, but realized that whoever came up with him will probably outgrow that writing 'quirk'. Unless it's Wyraach. There's no hope for that guy at all.


.....I'm sorry, laughed at the name and couldn't get past it XD. Although I was disappointed the character is mean, when Gump is really sweet and innocent and one of my favorite fictional characters:c.


While the story is heard, the "x men" like the ideas would be good to see more chimeras.


To Bearakobama and Ciervo: While it's true that this character has some qualities that are inspired by the character, they're intended as parodies of the character. Forrest Hanks himself has nothing to do with Forrest Gump, whatsoever, but is in fact a part of a science fiction arc which I've put up here. Go ahead and have a look at it, and you'll see what I mean.

Concerning Wheevil's comment: Wyraach did contribute to the work, but I did not just simply allow him to be a part of it on a whim. He's made a claim to have changed for the better, and I will give him a second chance for the moment.

The one who came up with Forrest was myself, actually, and while he is a relatively no-nonsense character, he is at least interesting. If there's something I've learned in writing, characters should be interesting if not pleasant to attract an audience, and I'd like to think that would make for a better three-dimensional character.


Finally, concerning BoChelley's comment: He may be a serious character, but he is far from unpleasant. There are many good qualities that make him interesting to read about, and that is what is the most important factor of a character. There are too many goody good role models who are papercut, bland and forgettable. Depth is a very important part of writing such works.

And as I've emphasized before, these qualities concerning Forrest's background are moreso parodies than anything else. The same goes for my other chimera character that I've drawn but will not be posting onto this site due to it's display of pokemon transformation features(unless nobody cares.)


Go ahead and post your drawing of Bowman. Transfur doesn't seem to care.