CITS Commemoration Part 01 by Wrathofautumn

CITS Commemoration Part 01 by

Date: 9/23/2011 Views: 5729 Favorites: 40 Comments: 4


One of a multitude of pictures which will be used in commemoration for a project of mine. Since it will be cleaned up later, I'll be putting it in my scraps.

Featuring Myself, Omnikitsune, and Comus! :O


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Lions, tigers, and bears- wait that's not a bear. I am decieved! Oh my!

Hey Wrath, the bit with the jaguar and tiger is a bit off here. She both looks like she's looking at her paw and his backside. Coupling that with her hands position and his expression it confuses what you may have been going for. Maybe with the clean up you can shift her hands position and/or her head so it's less in profile and that could probably fix it.


Very good, like the pose of the tiger guy.


To Artist-Guy: I'm very thankful to have someone such as yourself critique this draft of mine, which I haven't gotten back to yet. I agree that the was that paw is drawn, it does not look right at all. I wasn't even fond of it when I started on it. I'll make sure to get that fixed when I get back to this piece.


To Artist-Guy Artist-Guy@

For the record, I'm a guy, and the character is also a guy. So no, I wouldn't be looking at Wrath's rear end. But thanks for giving him the critique. I'm sure he'll put it to good use in the final draft.