Steam Train by Weazel75

Steam Train by

Date: 8/19/2014 Views: 8645 Favorites: 32 Comments: 7


Legitimately one of the hardest things I've ever drawn, and I'm not even 100% happy with the result.


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that's really unique. I think it looks great.


Ooh, so cool! I love it!


Just when I think I've finally seen everything the TF world has to offer, an otter turns into a train.


You finished it and it looks good. I wouldn't even know where to start with a tf of this nature. :)


This has to be one of the most interesting concepts I've seen in a while.......

I love it, keep up the awesome work.


I actually like this a lot, we need more train tf's :D


Great drawing. For some reason I've dreamed about this countless of times ever since I heard the song "sound of the underground". I always dreamed I was one of the girls from the group sitting ready on the track on my knees and hands, and they drove up a series of carts (made from other group members) behind me with a special hook on it. Someone puts it up my skirt and I transform into a cart. Then they put another hook on my front and transform another girl and so on until the train is long enough. And then we drive around for an 8 hour shift and return to our shape.