Cursed Cupcake by Vyper

Cursed Cupcake by

Date: 4/13/2013 Views: 15537 Favorites: 92 Comments: 9

Forced Transformation
Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Oh no! Beware of the cursed cupcakes! D:

Incredibly hungry guy discovers an abandoned box of Dragon Deluxe Cupcakes while taking a walk. Tempted to take a bite, he does so and discovers the horrific side effects of having his clothes mysteriously vanish, leaving him completely nude on the street. Thinking that was the worst of it, he suddenly finds his entire body changing - and lo and behold! He's now a dragon. Okay, so that wasn't too bad...Until his belly began to rumble and swell, and his male genitals vanished, leaving him - or rather now, her - with one horrific conclusion: She was pregnant!

So there you have it - stay away from cursed cupcakes, gents. Or you might end up as a pregnant dragon about to lay a dozen eggs. Giant omelette, anyone? >:)


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Come here....Cupcake *nnngh, explodes*


Thats why I eat muffins for breakfast... I dont wanna go around all day like that...


Filing this one under 'cursed with awesome'.


if this is an tg why does it not have male to female? :P


Interesting. Now it just needs a bit of color.


Whoops, forgot to add the tg bit! Thanks for the memo! And yeah, it needs a bit of color. ;P


I wouldn't mind a cupcake that would do that to me.


... That's just a bite? I'd love to see him- er, her, eat the whole box! =3


Can you make a comic story about it?