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Date: 1/31/2009 Views: 7289 Favorites: 41 Comments: 10

I am ill. I am not happy. I make picture to vent. I try to make very simple; do speed painting, not care if make mistake, make finish in 15 mins. Is hard without tablet. I detail too much. I fail. I kill things now. End. :P


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Good Work, Done Quick, Nice Job!


That's speed art? Wow, we should make you angry more often :D


A werewolf that sends chills down my spine and can be drawn in minutes is something to be feared. Maybe you should become a monster printing press or something. >=D Hope ya feel better soon. X3


very nice for speed work.


If this is what you make when you are ill and speed-draw... Not bad at all. Get better soon :D


I wonder what your best try is if this is speed art while sick.


See now thats what happens when you get down with the sickness:P Awesome work UV as usual, get well soon.


Thanks for all your kind words, guys. I'm feeling a LOT better today :) Will try to post up speed stuff more often, since you like it.


Good for a quick one, cure yourseft fast, okey?


Picture good. You better. All good. Capital job!