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Mad Scientist

Old!! Title: A tender moment - a tzimisce adds final touches to one of her Grinning-Snake Szlachta. (To help : because people had trouble, her chair is made exclusively out of hands) Someone hinted at seeing tzimisce TFs on the comments for my Setite picture. I hadn't uploaded any yet because I wasn't sure they met the terms and conditions for transFUR, but noting the themes include inaninimates, and this had been asked for, I thought I'd upload. If it's a violation, let me know, guys? Have posted this as potentially disturbing because of the skincrafting allusion.


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I love the amount of detail that wen't into this, tzmisce = awesome


I find the picture hard to follow, I don't know which limb connects to which. I know that weird anatomy is a part of the Tzimisce, but the picture would be a lot easier to follow if you made it easier to figure out whose hands are doing what. It's still good, but could be better.


very nice. Little hard to follow but still very nice


looks like the hands are pulling off the humans flesh to reveal a dragon +rep on the detail


I hate the work, but I think the way you made it is great


Ah. It took me a minute, but I got it Siaon. Thank you very for much for commenting :) I'm glad that even though it's a subject-matter some people really won't like, you still like on the 'art' side of it


well, someone's STILL into VTM despite it being changed around for "requiem" Tzimice have fleshcrafting as their innate Discipline.


Thanks again... yeah let's hear it for the oWoD :P


Old WoD is cool but we're having fun with our new WoD crossover game where every supernatural is being played


Yeah, new W.O.D is great fun, but frankly oWOD had so much going for it I just can help 'sneaking back' ;) currently running Demon and Sabbat once a month


mhm. And a Malkavian holding the video camera FEEEHAHAHAHAHheheheheeughhhehehehehehehehehe <_<


DETAIL ,Detail ,detail