TF   Naga by Silent raven by Urbanvixen

TF Naga by Silent raven by

Date: 12/6/2008 Views: 17863 Favorites: 87 Comments: 10


OLD!! Going to upload all my old TF stuff, including the 'origonal' panels from the werewolf comic. I just don't feel like the quality of these is high enough to belong in the sequences anymore, but ya might enjoy them - so here you go. A young naga, quietly changing in expectation of company.


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Neat tf! What caused it?


Ooh, I really like the detail on the character's back! It really gives the impression of his body stretching as he's dangling.


indeed, the sense of his anatomy melting together is readily apparent, and gives a feeling of movement in this picture. Also, the face is rather cute, more reminiscent of a constrictor than a poisonous snake. Thanks for sharing this one: Its worth it even if it is old:)


Thanks for the comments guys :) Actually, the positive response on this one has made my pencil twitch and I'm having a crack at snake TFs again. Sadly, they're far less cute than he is :) Btw, he/she is still androdgynous and still needs a name! I opened up the forum for names on DA, but no one suggested anything. Care to name this one?


This is a great image, love the detail and the way the change is progressing!


Snake TFs are so underappreciated, and even then not all snake TFs are good. I love it. Keep up the good work!


Cute Snake snakey


lol - I'm assuming that was a name suggestion Dinorex!


Lyle. Name him Lyle :P Don't know why.


its actually 1 of the better snake tfs ive seen.