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Date: 10/20/2008 Views: 8188 Favorites: 59 Comments: 14


Yip! Sorry, uploaded the wrong image. Ghost Runner - A speed drawing I was pleased with and thought I'd share with all you were-fans out there.


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wow, love the face, very very good -I try to draw wolves and Weres, but can never seem to get the heads right...


wow cool! youve made it onto my desktop pic!


Tremendous! :O


A very nice werewolf. Well done!


well done indeed! I love this pic :)


A's all around. May i suggest maybe darkening the outline and the torso behind the legs. It would help the form pop out more.


Cheers SentR, but really - this was a speed job. It was never intended to be 'shaded' - just a lil detail sketch. I spend far too long on my real WW pics, I needed a break :)


Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!


Oh, how lovely! His left paw seems like it's leaping off the screen!


This is lovely. I love the motion and the shading. The face is just fantastic. Great work!


It almost looks like he could jump off the page and start chasing me. I can see each strand of fur, and frankly it is amazing.


Thank you everyone :) I'm very new on Transfur and it's wonderful to hear that people enjoy my art. Will post more :)


*This* is a speed drawing?! Okay, I'm intrigued to see what I can do; methinks I'll knock a few out in 20 minutes each at home. If I can manage one or two that look good, I'll throw 'em on here. Good idea, and it's a good way for me to get started again. And gives me an excuse to suck. :))