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Page 1 of... many! My first TF ever. Will contain 3 TFs. Sorry if the quality varies - this was a 6 month project that I'm so happy to finally get up. Thanks for waiting !


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Oooh, werewolf cutie! Let's see what happens...


If you want to strive for true exelence, you should replace "Rule of paw" with "Rule of Dew-claw"! Anyways, keep up the good work!


:P Minimink :P And yeah, I think the script was the bit I've put the *least* work into... Any idea how I edit pics or do I just have to delete them??


Um whoa, huge pics... Please resize for easier viewing


Oops... Sure thing. How do I do that??? Help please. I can't find a way to change the pic without just deleting it


Actually, and this is my own opinion, I think it's alright as "rule of paw" rather than "rule of dew-claw". Supposedly the phrase began as a measurement tool that woodworkers used, and I don't think a dew-claw is big enough to be used to measure anything.


If you want to resize these images, Urbanvixen, just use online photoediting. EX:


As long as the comic is colored, as opposed to the Kev TF preview, the comic should look just awesome. IMO, the black and white Kev TF didn't have enough differentiation between the fur and ripped pants/shoes, but with color this comic shouldn't have that problem. Otherwise the Kev TF was compositionally beautiful. For this image specifically, doesn't everyone's browser resize the image after fully loading anyway? Whatever, but you might have to re-size in Photoshop and re-upload. Keep your larger one for your own purposes of course. Personally I think the larger the better, more detail.


nothing like endorphins!!!


Cheers Bob. Truth is, the person Jowgenetsu belongs to wears black... and his character is a grey wolf. So it was kind of the way it had to be ;) That guy got me into TF, so it had to be so. I'm sure you'll like the leading-up TF images with pinkness :)