Preview - Kev TF by Urbanvixen

Preview - Kev TF by

Date: 9/11/2008 Views: 7858 Favorites: 48 Comments: 10


A preview and 'thanks for waiting' - Kev (Jowgenetsu) - One panel from my 22 page comic. Coming soon... I swear! :P (These are my first TFs ever, so feedback very welcome)


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hmmm could we get the link to the comic? / great work btw


I like the digits on the paws / hands!


Urbanvixan is still in the process of finishing the comic but it will be done soon. As you can see the wait will be worth it.


:P Thanks Kev. Yes, comic is still in progress. All drawn up, just colouring the last few pics and sorting out the pages. Thanks for your support!


If you are looking for constructive criticism, I would say that fur on the area from the back through the tail looks a little bit unnaturally clumpy. That, however, is a really picky comment because this is a fabulous looking picture here. Looking forward to the comic, do put up the link when it is ready for show.


It looks kinda' like Arania's work


looking very good and i'm agreeing with minimink


It bares small simularity to Aranias work, only this artist is far more skilled with proportions and anatomy, something which has plauged aranias stuff for years. Anyway, I'm with the above, this is an epic piece of work, cant wait for the comic.


Thanks for all the positive. feedback guys! Trying to get the comic up asap now. Thank you for the all the encouragement!


Thanks for the most encouraging criticism I've ever had Cischiral!! I'll try to fix that next time around