Col on Sketch : A Hero Bold by Urbanvixen

Col on Sketch : A Hero Bold by

Date: 6/10/2018 Views: 8992 Favorites: 64 Comments: 11


Commission for an awesome regular customer of his Rookie Superhero character fighting evil and saving the w-... oh.... ah, well, points for effort I guess ?

This was far too much fun to do - going for a comic-book style image. I made up the ChangeBeast on the fly, but now there must be more. I want a ChangeBeast of my very own ^.^


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I did not expect you to upload this. Thanks for it anyway; it is a treat that you did, Vixen.


XD Trying to work out what you mean. Since we use different usernames all over the place I'm guessing I know you but not as Farmfox. Do you mean from streaming ?


SirHousecat. I created this account way before I started to use SHC as a username.

I meant that because this was a comission, that I did not expect you to post it here for everyone.


Aaah, hi SHC. Yeah - If you haven't bought many 'mmishes it's a fair thing to wonder about :) It's fairly common for artists to do. I only post a Lowish Rez version publically, and the customer gets the Full Rez. But if artists generally keep commissions private, it's very hard to have a public portfolio to advertise work, and means the artist really has to charge more so that they have time to do personal 'advertising' style pieces. So most customers are pretty happy to see their art posted up :) Glad you like it.


as a insider tip coming from an IT professional... just upload the highest rez only.


Oh? Why's that Mix? I've done HQ art prints before, and the resolution between my originals and when I accidentally print the public version seems pretty noticeable. I figured rez diff

mostly means that everyone can enjoy the pic but only the commissioner can print/use it/crop it prettily. But if I'm missing something, it'd be very handy for me to know so thanks in advance :)


So when can I wrestle this ChangeBeast XD


XD maybe we can arrange some kind of TF Fight Night. Might be pretty hard on the arena though...


This Changebeast thing seems to be a rather fun and clever idea.


Why is this little thing so hard to handle? It should be easy


This is such an interesting concept! I would love to see this kind of thing elaborated on more!