TF Clinic : Sam by Urbanvixen

TF Clinic : Sam by

Date: 5/21/2015 Views: 15595 Favorites: 53 Comments: 7


TF content to follow. But with voting closing in just a few hours, Sam seems to be winning the Vote for this month's treatment :) Find out more about her at


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Ooh, lion tf! My favorite!


shee looks very lovely i cant wait to see her as a lioness


why people don't do an upload of all at once >_< (instead of just one...)


I usually upload my sequences in several images actually ;) This is the first time I've uploaded just one, so the first time anyone's ever commented on it :P To answer your question 1. The Patreon Vote for Sam was about to close, and several people had told me that I should announce it on transfur. Since the sequence will be posted here, for those who didn't join in the Patreon drive to enjoy too, it seemed fair enough. 2. When you're an artist, being prolific is important and uploading is exciting - so, if you've done a sequence of 10 pages (several weeks' work) posting it all at once would only be seen by people who happen to be on transfur that one day, and you only get the upload excitement once. 3. People do. But unless you say "yay, thanks for uploading all at once," no artist will know about the preference until they post just one picture. If every artist does this just once in their lifetime, and then find out, then there will be hundreds/thousands of one-pic uploaded. So, th


that's why it happens :) Enjoy the sequence.


So is the other option back in running at a later vote?


quisiera donar, tengo que, :(