Basil Hypno Comic by Trevor_Fox

Basil Hypno Comic by

Date: 3/18/2019 Views: 11389 Favorites: 46 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation

I woke up and feverishly had to sketch out a comic concept. Here is that idea fully realized. I did best to encapsulate what was in my dream, and I feel I've done a good job! Now everyone, enjoy this comic featuring aristocrats from FA's, Basil!


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I like the spiral structure of the panel layout, but at first glance it didn't immediately 'read in the correct order' for me. I went across the top row and then to the upper left black corner of the spiral and was really confused for a moment. I think you could avoid that by having a bit of curve increasing through the shapes of panels two and three into 4 and 5 so that the eye is naturally drawn to follow the line around the turn into the start of the spiral. I hope you continue to play around with structure like this in future work.


I think that is a good idea, and you are correct about that! I love experimenting with comics and flow, and it's fun to push myself to try new stuff. It's definitely something I'll keep pushing. Thank you for the constructive insight on improving the layout!


That was pretty wicked crazy


I'm glad that you enjoyed it!