A Game Of Pretend by Trevor_Fox

A Game Of Pretend by

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Forced Transformation
German Shepherd

Commission for Dustyfoxy on FA.

and I were talking for quite some time about certain transformation themed entertainment that we both enjoyed growing up. We covered cartoons and media, but extensively, we talked about books like Goosebumps and "Little Pet Shop of Horrors."

We discussed elements that we loved from those books, how we would re-read them all the time, and how we loved the situations that it put the reader in, having a cheesy type of horror theme to the transformation and such. Eventually, we decided on the idea for the picture, and I suggested doing a text blurb on the picture similar to what these books would have on their covers. Then I got the idea to change this picture into a book cover itself! And I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out!


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Brilliant :3


I remember all of those, and I freaking loved them! I have been looking for that and "Night of the Werecat" from Ghosts of Fear Street for ages.


I myself did found "Night of the Werecat" book copy all for myself from one yard sale. All mine.


Curse you! X3


I re-read those Goosebumps books so many times.


Will this turn into an actual story


Nah, no story behind this. Just the art. I'm not good at making stories.


I think it turned out swell.


Used to loved Goosebumps books and VHS tapes a lot as a kid. I'm surprised there's no mention of the Animorphs books.


I never actually read those books. I saw the TV show, but I'm not sure why I didn't get the books.


Yeah. Animoprphs is what got me hooked on tf stuff back when i was in grade school


used to take Little Pet Shop of Horrors out from the library


I've had those discussions with others who are into TF before... very interesting. It's like those forms of entertainment were made to "unlock" our hidden love for TF or something =P


Man, reminds me of when I read Goosebumps as a kid, always loved how werewolves were represented! Also, kinda read em to counter amazing horror works like anything Stephen King and so on XD