Twisted Tales 1 by Toonexterminator

Twisted Tales 1 by

Date: 4/2/2011 Views: 26394 Favorites: 159 Comments: 5

Forced Transformation

This young college was the kind a girl who didn’t commit to any long term relationship. She was more interested in satisfying herself in adult pleasure. During her college spring break she decided to go to the Florida beaches in search of sexual fun with random young guys. After a few hook ups she runs into a handsome young man who seemed more modest than the other guys she’s slept with but didn’t heed mind to it.

The next morning, she awoke to find herself transformed into a mermaid lying on a sandbar near a deserted beach. Turns out this modest guy was a Merman who fell in love with her and made her into a mermaid “lover”. Even Though, he thinks she’s the most beautiful thing in the world, she’s not thrilled about it at all.


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Well at least she's got something good to slap him with (for looking so dopey?)!!


this pretty well, atleast cumplieste the request of a merman. Persian, is comic. I even feel glad that the story is not a punishment to play unknown or taboo. for reasons that macho macho stories. I have semi - personal encounter. tf Prosim aver if male.


I love that mermaid's expression. It speaks volumes. :)


'Not thrilled' is an understatement XD Well done!


She's blushing! She's only pretending to hate it, but she'ss actually thrilled. KP