Werewolf's Angst by TimidTabby

Werewolf's Angst by

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Ripped Clothing

The full moon rises once again leaving my body blistering in heat and itch, thoughts growing mad with primal needs and desires. I should have left the house when I had a chance, but now my roommates will have to deal with a wily agitated wolf snarling up a storm, what fear I have of chancing chases and bites fleeting when the hunger in my belly bellows to hunt and feed.

I'm sorry...but I'm getting more than just used to this curse. I'm enjoying it. And its my own fault I stayed in tonight when I should have fled by evening's dusk. So much I tried to finish before the night, so little time to prepare. By the time I finally put down my task the flush of heat had begun to spread under horribly uncomfortable clothes, tearing them apart in a wild fury I can't...won't control.

I can hear the knocking at my bedroom door, the chatter of one of my closest friends calling out to check on me. Feral eyes glare menacingly at it, fangs bared snarling bothered by his untimely disturbance. I try desperately to shake off the sudden monstrous urge to pounce whoever decides to enter, but my shaping paws and claws ache to rip and shred; my fully grown tail wags in such devious excitement.

The window...it's my only choice; before my mind completely sinks into the depths of my wolf side's desires I have to escape, for my friend's sake. I slash at my curtains and slam the glass open, clawing the screen out the way. I look back perched on top of the window sill, sniffing the chilly night air panting in delight of feeling the outdoors just below me; the woods in sight beyond the bustling town. My back hunches; my spine arches and lengthens both my torso and neck bringing me closer to wolfhood, howling in near rapturous freedom.

The door swings open, my friend calling my name again in a panic. Our eyes lock; his in reasonable fright, mine fierce with a golden glow. The urge to pounce comes back, but my memories save us from damnation recalling his face; his name, and that he is 'my friend'. The fierce gaze shifts somberly, my voice whining as I try to apologies for having him see me like this but all that comes out is a growlish bark.

The angst returns, snarling distressingly, as I set the last of my focus back out into the world and leap out of the bedroom. Landing on all fours, pausing to regain balance from the fall, I sprint ahead and rush into town not caring who sees me or happens to get in the way of my ravenous bite. The wild beckons me, and being a wolf is all I want to be now.

I howl once more, calling for fellow wolves to join me on this beautiful night, the full moon continuing to rise and shine brilliantly for monsters like me.


Didn't mean to make a story out of this, but...well, it happened lol. One of the few I've done digital coloring for. Basic but actually came out pretty well I believe.


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For some reason, this piece speaks to me.

Well done.


Is she Turkish?