Mademoiselle Fayanova: In Training by Tim-Kangaroo

Mademoiselle Fayanova: In Training by

Date: 8/27/2021 Views: 3902 Favorites: 17 Comments: 7

Forced Transformation
Gender Change - Male to Female

It all started here:

The transformation was very traumatic for me, at first. But I've since discovered that I'm pretty good at ballet! So now I'm in training for Madame Upanova's latest production. Wish me luck!

Let's turn this into an Ask Me Anything -- about being an ostrich ballerina. Go for it!


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This is an awesome post transformation life. Great job on this.

I’ll ask a question too. How hard isn’t for an ostrich to put on ballet shoes?


Thanks! Glad you like the art (and the story).

As for your question: It's very tricky, but it can be done! The other ballerinas taught me how to tie my ribbons. Like so:


You're really getting to look like a natural; great progress.

So had you been interested in ballet before, or is it something that suddenly seemed like an option once you were an ostrich?


Thanks, also!

I've long admired ballet and ballerinas, but I was never very good at dancing. By chance, I found myself backstage after a performance by Madame Upanova's troupe where I came across a pair of pointe shoes. I felt compelled to try them on and I immediately turned into an ostrich ballerina. Was it an accident or destiny? Perhaps a little of both.


Funny thing is, that's male plumage... 7@=Q

(always wondered about that)


unfortunately, that's called "the coconut effect" (by trope name, now probably renamed); a lot of people won't recognize that as an ostrich WITHOUT the trademark male plumage.


Or like putting a pouch on a male kangaroo.