(SC!) My Gift, My Curse by TeknicolorTiger

(SC!) My Gift, My Curse by

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More from my 100 Sketch Challenge series. Again, these feature characters from the online MUCK, Flexible Survival.

Taggart the werewolf, decides to share his lycanthropy with his mate, Rihko the kitsune. Things go about as well as can be expected. Naturally there's a lot more to it than that, but that's the gist of it.

Characters belong to their players, art is mine. Though these are still colored sketches, the commissioner paid for extra color to be added.


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Awwwwwwroooooo! (=


Beautiful sequence! I love the 2 pic though - those claws look so surreal! :D


were-kitsune nice


and why keep the shirt on, if someone was going to be turned into a werewolf why keep you shirt on for the biting


artguy: It's called lack of forethought lol... besides, you think big and beefy there is going to listen and wait all that well? Werewolves aren't known for their patience.

Anyway, nice work. I always liked the take that the kind of were-creature you become is different depending on the individual, rather than the species being transfered right along with the disease; IE a wereorca infecting someone and making them a were-swan, who infects someone else and makes them a were-horse, etc.


oop, read the comment proper. so something else will happen other than what I thought. Ah well...


There's a rather involved story with this. It was a surprise, spur of the moment event, taking one of the two players by surprise, not to mention the rest of the room. It was quite well done, and I just had to have it illustrated. Based on story by me, as well as by the characters. In this case, the curse expresses itself completely different depending on the person. It's not a world where lycanthropy existed, nor is it something created by the nanites of flexible survival's universe.

Anyway, Haligren is absolutely brilliant, and I am incredibly happy to call her a friend, in addition to getting some amazing work out of her :D


I should note, the artist goes by different names depending on her Gallery. Rare-Form, Haligren, and Technicolor Tiger are all the same artist.


seacigar: well if you drag them out to to the woods to turn them there would be some planning involed right

and ill love to know where i could find this story or RP log for this


Thank you, everyone, for all the comments. <3

artguy Haven't you ever heard the phrase "Shift Happens"? This event wasn't really planned and they didn't anticipate what would happen to Rihko after she was bitten. Also, I'm kinda under the impression that when caught in certain situations, undressing and defensive precautions isn't really the foremost concern on a werewolf's mind. :P


so not a willing turn


*so it wasnt a willing turning


I'll have to ask Rihko and Tag if they're willing to put the RP of it up on our FS wiki, but http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Crystala_Events is where most of my story content ends up logged.

I think you need an account to see roughly half of it for some bizarre reason though.


artguy Nope. :) It was rather unexpected.


ok got it and would like to see the RP log if they ever post it


I still remember when this happened... Quite a few of us were startled and we had no idea where this would lead. It was a rather strong moment.


1st page: Om nom nom nom nom

2nd page: Ninetails?

3rd page: wolf powaaaaaaaaaah!


*howls* just the way my population spreads!!!