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Date: 8/1/2006 Views: 50639 Favorites: 322 Comments: 26


I felt that it was time to draw a cow TF. Going with a different approach than growing an udder on the traditional area. She grows in height as well as get a pair of udders on the chest. All around she looks so sweet. I am pretty happy how she came out.


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WOW! She's adorable!!! I love your art. My favorite are cute girls just like this one! Good job! Hope to see more from you!


This is actually the first cow TF I've seen where the BREASTS turn into udders. I know - it should stand to reason that breasts = udders, but I've seen that nowhere else but in this picture! Thank you for finally bringing sense to this species of TF! (And no, cows aren't my fave type of TF, but I just feel very strongly on this sense point)


Nice Picture, i love the expression in her face plus im a fan of Cow Tf's ^^


How did I know this would be here? lol, again, nice work!


Aww, she's so cute. :)


^_^ In about five seconds, she's going to kill that shirt.


hehe Dude top notch work there. ^.^ Love the expression on her face. I too have always wanted udders on the breasts. but listen to logic? nahhh...


all I can say is, who doesn't love a cute cow girl tf? well done.


Very awesome picture! But, honestly, the breasts becoming the udders isn't an entirely new idea...


What was it, ABC? had a slogan, 'If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!' as an excuse to get people to watch their reruns...but it still holds here.


Seadog-driftwood: http://www.transfur.com/Gallery/ViewImage.ashx?Image=1468 andhttp://www.transfur.com/Gallery/ViewImage.ashx?Image=1460 As for youSuti, very nice work! She is so cute.


My question. Why is everyone thinking that I thought breast udders were new?


I dont but i definitely think its logical to put udders there. Nice pic!


the world can always use more cowgirl tf's... bravo


the problem with those two, Inchide, is that each breast has four udders when cows only hve four total. While still great drawings I can appreciate a Cow TF with both logical and "correct" progression. In as much as a young girl turning into a cow can be "correct."


If you want it to be more logical and 'correct', it should be four mammaries merged together in one bag of skin, not two mammaries with two teats each, really.


Dear god people, we're talking about breasts turning into udders! There's no logic behind that aside from fap!


Who said she was becoming a full cow and not an anthromorhic cow? I like the breasts with two nipples. Even if she was becoming a full cow, it does not mean that her breasts will be fused at this time (Wendy).


Welly. Sorry.


Cute indeed! I'm curious how it would look in color


I love the little twinkly magical effects around her!


This is either theived or been theived I think. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/index.php?guild_id=4188 I'm sorry if I'm just making accusations, but it caught my eye. Or do you run this guild?


Grace_Kismet: Someone must have stolen it.


ive liked your art for a time and this adds to my likingness


I would love to make a comic of this one, but it takes way too much work.


You're right. This IS really cute. ;)