TFDesign by SolidAsp

TFDesign by

Date: 4/2/2008 Views: 9672 Favorites: 90 Comments: 2


The Redesign of transfur has been a log time comming Way back in 06 Shodow Chaser asked me to design a kind of mascot for Transfur


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Manfred the wolf.. or Manny the wolf man lol how about Alphonse? David? David Hayter The wolf man! yeah lol well either way I love the detail in the two you have up Solid. Gret work


One thing that I love about your art style is the fact that you don't always necessarily give your drawings that 'cleaned up' look, they look gritty, and rough, but complete aswell. It's a great combination with the way you perportion and detail your charcters that adds great flair and feel. Keep the awesome work up!