Tammy by Silverhyena

Tammy by

Date: 5/14/2009 Views: 11225 Favorites: 42 Comments: 6


Alright, I'm sorry I have not updated in what may seem like forever, but I've been rather busy and distracted. This is my last year of high school, I'm learning to drive, hooked on Neopets once more, and I've been drawing more non-transformation art (That I've been too lazy to scan in and put up on Artspots.) Any way, this here is Tammy Silverclaw, the substance abusing, vampire slaying, mentally insane werewolf. I figured since I've been so lazy, I'd treat you nice people to a sequence. Enjoy!


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I really like your stuff, the only crit I have is I guess it seems a little fast paced. She goes from human, to instant anthroish werewolf, then bulky werewolf.


hehe, interesting to see a smoking werewolf for some reason. Great works


Always love your werewolves, through I agree with Foxxor seems a little rushed.


Well, to be honest...I did sort of rush it. But thanks anyways!


Smoking is not only bad... it makes you bad! -_0


Thank you!