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Well...I've really been in a werewolf mood. So, I felt like doing one of those skinny teenage girls transforming into one...after a huge male werewolf bites her...and starts licking her. There's no nudity, but there is some suggestive content.


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i absolutely love this


FINALLY! More werewolf stuff! :D More! <333 *hugs*


Could be pretty good, but she just sort of stands there the whole time, not really reacting to anything. I can't tell what her mouth is doing in the first panel either.


Thank you very much.


Well, Part of it was I did this in a small sketch book. And I did not really want to stereotypical "painful" transformation this time. As for her mouth in the first panel, I was going for human face with wolfish teeth...


Mmmm, lucky girl


Mucho agree, totally love this. Yey for more werewolves, maybe shes feeling secure in his embrace, so is no pain and such.


Thank you very much! Yeah Lazyhowl, that might be what it is...


Your work is definitely getting tighter. I like the concept quite a lot. :) My only criticism is that the girl is a little too static. The male looks great and changes positions very convincingly, but the female is stock still as if she's drugged. Surely she must feel something while this is happening? I think it just needs a little spicing up and it would be an amazing sequence. (I hope you find this constructive.)


Thanks Soba. Yes, I do think you're right. Perhaps I should redo this one in a bigger sketchbook...


This sequence describes a scene that I often employ in running werewolf transformation roleplaying sessions on females who roleplay with me. Never thought of using the grooming tongue as a catalyst... definitely sensual enough to add to the experience of a woman gaining so much... Very sensual indeed. If I had any patience to draw sequences, I'd redo this myself! Although I never draw male werewolves this big... I wish I was him!


Ah, but Zax...I LIKE big werewolves. They are cooler for one, and it's easier to take out those silly little vamps when you're bigger then they are. Thanks!