Kainetransformation by Silverhyena

Kainetransformation by

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Mad Scientist

Alright, this is my character Kaine. He's an orc/warg taur, I just like to call him a wargtaur. He's yet another one of Dr.Knarks's freakish exparements. He wanted an orc mutant that was strong, fast, and in Kaine's case, smart. So, he tested out his new syrum on him. Poor Kaine. This is also my first Sequence drawing. If you could give me some comments and pointers I'd really appreciate it.


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WARGS. You ear bonus points for wargs. The art is great, and like I said before, I have a soft spot for pencil drawings, escpecially ones done so well!


I really like this! I have two small suggestions. First (and this might just be personal preference), I think adding an additional step to the TF between the first two would help smooth out the sequence and make the pace more consistent. I say this because it's a fairly big change between the first stage and the second, but the changes between the second, third, and fourth stages are more subtle. Second - and I realize this is not easy - you might try varying the poses in each stage somewhat to make the sequence look a bit more dynamic. Having said that, I think you did a great job with the art, and it's a very good sequence - especially considering it's your first one! Thank you for sharing it. (Cool species choice, too!)


Thanks DragonSparkle!


Alright, that makes sence Soba. I at first thought that it would not look right if the pose shifted to much, but maybe next time I'll try out different poses. Thank you!


I'm so glad you've finally done a sequence I've just started watching your art and hope that maybe next time we can see some animal anatomy.


Thanks Littlewolf. I felt it was high time I did a sequence. I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do next, although I'm working on one more peice to this sequence.


It is a simple fact that taurs rock. This is great!


Awww, thank you Bobbytf.


Thank you very much HornetV2.0! And I think I'll take your word for the insane thing!! It is to bad that no one knows where he is...


Aw... I thought I was the only werehyenataur... *wimpers* ...now I don't feel as special. >.>


Awww...Mix, it's okay, you're still special. *pats back*


Excellant. There are not engough Orc and Warg transformations about. More please!


Yes, it's a very nice sequence and as Soba said earlier, the changes from the first stage to the second is too big and sudden. I know, it must be hard work to make this but it gives me the feel, that something is left behind. Also it would have been nice, if between the second and third stage was a 2.5 stage added. Anyway, that's all I want to say. Oh yes and as said before, I like the sequence. ^-^ And sorry for my bad english, I still have quite some problems with this language. ^-^"


Thank you Ogrebear! And thank you too Cerenia. But like I said, this is my first sequence, that's whay I wanted all of these pointers and tips, I may even do this one again, but with more stages..


Taurs own, you get bonus points just for that.


Thank you so much Derangedoreo...


I really like this piece. I love the detail you did with the fur.