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Mad Scientist

Well, I desided it might be fun to try doing Dr.Knarks, when he was transforming. He was originaly an orc, but now he's a dragon/orc hybrid, thanks to one of his complex syrums. He's almost finished with the transformation, his horns are still rather small and his snout still needs to get longer, as does his tail. His pet wererat, Nasher, watches in fear as his master changes forms. Once he is finished transforming, there's no telling what he will do to the inmates in his asylum.


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Your shading provides some very nice details -especially in the wing webbing and the clothing folds. He definitely has a striking and menacing appearance. (I feel sorry for his patients!)


Thank you very much Soba. You know, I created the psycho and yet...I also feel sorry for his patients...


Inking would help alot, and I hope you'll scan an ink before you colour. Also, try to avoid nasty watermarks, your original signature does its job nicely.


Thanks Mix.


Thank you so much HornetV2.0. Hearing things like that only make me ant to draw more and more and get better. As for becomming one of his patients, you have to be insane, or he can just...make you insane, as for finding him, well...he does not advertise his wereabouts.


Oh wow. This is incredible. Like soba said, the shading is gorgeous, and I have a soft spot for pencil drawings like this. Keep it up!


Awww. thank you so much DragonSparkle!


fun with syrums..hehehheheh, I like the claws going through the gloves.


Yup! Thanks RaptonX.


Nothing will get you more ramped up to morph your hapless victims than transforming yourself! Nice picture with subtle, yet noticeable evidence of his change as he looks at his claws. Your caption complements it very well, too. :)


Thank you very much Fredlondi. Yup, Knarks is a psycho, why not transform yourself into a monsterous being?


Whatever Dr. Knarks is on I want it. The shading and detail are excellent. Psycos have there uses I wouldn't mind having him around to sic on enemies past and present.