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Okay, I got some negitive feedback on my colored version of Back Off, so I desided to add some more layers to it. I think it looks much better, but I don't think the scan really worked out all the great.


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I don't do many colored pencil works, but one thing that seems to be showing up is that the picture is too small for the grade of CP's you're using. Try printing out the picture much bigger, use that as a reference for a larger work with it, then scan the larger version and shrink it back down.


I'd tend to agree with fragmaster, here. You _could_ also do a bit of "quick and dirty" cleanup using Photoshop filters (the Dust and Scratches filter can remove some of the grainyness), but you lose sharpness then, as well. I've watched a lot of artists go through this phase at some point; they seem to either go to a different pencils/paper combo, or give up and go digital, eventually. Pencils can be quite beautiful if you can get a set that doesn't end up leaving a grain on your piece. Otherwise, though, I love this piece (I'm rather partial to well-drawn werewolves); where can I find a plushie like that? ;)


I also love the picture and think it's awesome and well done and a keen idea for a TF, but wonder how colored pencils would look on a shirt. :)


What color of shirt did you have in mind? Where you've got both very light elements (the white feet) and very dark elements (the purple cloud and black fur elements) at the edges of the image, I'd be concerned that something would be poorly visible against the background color on a shirt, especially after a few washings. A print sounds much more interesting, but I do agree that the grain of the pencils sort of draws the eye away from the image itself.


I agree with Lightningfire and dragon-foray, this image is good, but there is some, clean-up that needs to be done before this is applied to a shirt.


Best advice is that you really can't work this picture. Throwing it through filters won't help, it's all about the physical. the paper is fine for sketching and wayer colours and acrylics, not for pencil really. You draw awesome sketches, but this one is a loss for a shirt design, much as the lovely hyena suffers the same fate due to paper. Though you can always try your hand at digitally colouring the sketches. As for this guy, lay off the filters on him, but keep them on the plush, making the plush look more /plush/ like the people, except me, kept bitching about back there.


Hm, I dunno. A little smart blur might go a long way with this picture (along with Dust and Scratches) if you wanna digitize it. It'd probably look especially T-Shirt worthy if you inked digitally over a highly photoshopped color-wash of this. Anywise: It still looks good as a colored pencil piece, and I absolutley luff your hyenas. So, ehm, take with two grains of salt and call doctor in morning, I guess. n.n


Well...I guess I'm the one who asked...But if you look at it on my Cafepress shop, it does not look nearly as grainy...


thats an awsome pic. i gotta say i did think it was a mother and her cub at first but i think thats an awsome concept for a TF...really it is. and thats a badass lookin werewolf too.


Mix! SHUT UP! Silver wolf probably worked sooo hard for this! The least you could do is stop critisizing!