afilthyrat by Silverhyena

afilthyrat by

Date: 4/16/2011 Views: 11454 Favorites: 92 Comments: 8


We've all known the sort. Pretty girls who have rich mommies and daddies, never had to work a day in their life, take everything for granted, or just take what doesn't belong to them. Well, I'm sure this is what we'd all like to see happen to them. Deep down inside, they're just filthy little rats! Since people seemed to like Meouch so much and wanted to see more furry transformations in undies, I sketched this up. Hope you like!


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I'd rather go for the ironic approach and see them turned into tiny dogs. But this is fine too.


And the kitty will 'eat' the rat?


The expression on her face is perfect :D


Neat. Though a higher resolution/bigger picture might be even better. This way its just a little....on the small side to appreciate the details.


Perhaps sometime later I'll rescan and post. My scanner was giving me trouble last night. *headdesk.* Or maybe I'll just skip that and do a bigger, colored version of this on my computer and leave the scanner out. That way I can also fix the waist, which only now am I awake enough to realize that it is too skinny.


i like the waist,makes her look sexy


ps love your work silverhyena love to see more from you soon


I agree, the waist looks unhealthily skinny. But the transformation - and the impetus behind it - are sweet indeed!