Meouchwip by Silverhyena

Meouchwip by

Date: 4/12/2011 Views: 4008 Favorites: 14 Comments: 3


There's a story to come with the completed image, this is just a work in progress.

On a side note, I really hope that SOME of you are happy now. I removed For Giggles and Grins because sadly, there are some people that lurk about that have no imagination. For those of you that enjoyed it, you can find it here,

And for the rest of you, there, it's a spelled out, honest to God, TRANSFORMATION!!!


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Not bad. On top of doing artwork you do stories. Hopefully I can assume they are as good as your artwork. Now if only you RP'd. xD


Dont worry about pleaseing every one silverhyena your art is just that YOURS , your expression of creativity dont let any one get you down!


At the same time, the former piece wasn't really in the spirit of most of the art here, it looked a bit more akin to a dogsona picture you'd see on DA. Not bashing you, just explaining the reaction. Post pieces are nice, but how you approach them accounts for about 90% of the reaction you get.