Quick Change by Silver557

Quick Change by

Date: 6/3/2007 Views: 23562 Favorites: 99 Comments: 11


Random change practice...been a while since I did them. Its JUST practice, so it's kind of...crappy o.o; (warming up for a comic :3 )


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Wow. "Crappy"? Hell, I can't wait to see what you call 'good'!


i agree its freakin cool i have never seen crappy work from you :)


I went to your DA site. You really have some amazing works. This image is certainly one of them. Wanna post a coloring tut sometime? XD


If this is practice, I can't wait to see your real work!


You call that CRAPPY????? Christ, I'd hate to see your trash! LOL


I have to favorite this one! Very good piece, such detail! :)


I full heartily agree with Istanbul and Wilsjam2uk there. I thought that was a great piece. love the shading and everything. :) the paneling seems a little chaotic and random but that would be the only critique I could plossibley bring myself to do :D


The finger nails sent shivers down my spine! Wow!


Guess my over-self criticism is the same...XD This is a little rushed or random because it was done DURING class...it's not easy to draw TFs with people looking at ya >_> Anyways, more to come >3


Yea... I mean just coz we like TFs doesn't mean we are weirdo's or anything... anyway... rushed? very very nice for rushed ^^


Hey, that's really good! It's not crappy at all. I love the details and textures. Great work!